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Stephanie Bair – Biography

When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I knew that sometimes when I put my hands on people who hurt, they would often feel better. I had a fellow classmate who was always getting the hiccups. They seemed to never end, regardless of drinking water until she was water-logged, or holding her breath as long as she possibly could. And truthfully, her unending hiccuping got on all us kids’ nerves after a while. I seemed to be able to see the spot on her dorsal rib cage, near the spine, where the disruption existed. I said to her, “Hold your breath and I will push on this spot on your back and let’s see if it helps.” It worked!! It worked every time!! I didn’t see this as anything special, I thought everyone could do it.

It was not until I was 23, having moved to Denver, that the light bulb went on, so to speak. While visiting a friend, her visiting mother was aching terribly from arthritis mostly in her knees and ankles. I could practically “feel” her pain and finally, not being able to remain silent, I mentioned that people seemed to feel better when I put my hands on their pained areas, and offered to try. She agreed. Within minutes, her countenance changed and she began to feel relief. Her next statement to me was, “You have healing in your hands.”. That was news to me. I never heard anything like that before.

This statement changed how I viewed the world, however. Could it be possible that I had a gift? As time proceeded, I slowly stopped thinking this was all my imagination; a phrase I heard all my (then) young life, “Oh Stephanie, it’s just your imagination.” I began to realize that doing (uneducated) massage, or just putting my hands on or over the hurting area of people in pain gave them relief.

Fast forward to now, I am a licensed, certified massage therapist. I completed my courses at the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA) here in Denver in 1995. Now I had a document that said I could touch people. Everyone likes to see documents.

At this point, I have created space in my home to do my part to help heal people. There is a sun room with three stations: a seated mechanical massage chair pad, a full scale mechanical massage chair and a foot massage roller machine. There is also a hand held “Dolphin” massage unit with infrared light, great for upper shoulders, especially. These machines augment the “hands on” work. They are quite helpful.

Then there is a private massage room, complete with heated massage table. A nice warm, cozy, place for relaxation, pain relief and healing.

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